A Look at 5 of the Best Chart Topping Rockbands in the World

As the billboards released their end of year charts, rock albums released in the calendar of 2016 are truly seen to dominate the rock world. Not only in that year but also conquered the following year. Metallica head up as the most key rock album chart for 2017. This band leads the strong list of known and veteran acts as per hard rock albums and artists chart. The rock chart combines the sales data, radio play and streaming data of artist as they come to the final tally. The top hard rock albums show the bands strength with health catalogs, other acts like Guns N’ Roses, Queen all made cut regardless of them not releasing new music for quite some time.

Look at the top 5 hard rock bands;


Master of Puppets

Besides being a ‘Master of Puppets’ best album it is also one of best albums in rock bands metallic history. Through ‘Damage Inc’ from ‘Battery’ the opening notes their third release is seen to balance skilled songwriting and more maturity. Also, the album maintains aggression and youthful edge. As a major label, it was Flemming Rasmussen major album that was recorded in Denmark. Iconic songs by them are contained in this album including the title track ‘Welcome Home’ and aforementioned ‘Battery’. If anybody wants to know more about heavy rock metal just hand him this copy ‘Master of Puppets’.


Ride the Lighting’


From their debut riding is a wave of success. It was released almost the same year after the ‘Kill Em All’. Plenty of raw energy is still exhibited on their band debut, songwriting skills and band’s musicianship had improved significantly. As evident opening songs in the album include ‘Creeping Death’, ‘Call of Ktulu’ and another standout tracks is Fight the Fire with Fire”. Many still insist that it is the best in Metallica’s album hence this depends on the next release.


Kill ‘Em All’


This Metallica’s debut rock album helped to pave the path for a worldwide trash explosion. Raw and fast, their dangerous and feral sound inspired other countless bands and garnered legions of admirers and fans. Several of songs in this album was exactly co-written by Mustaine and Dave. As they were preparing for their album recording they were unceremoniously booted from a rock band. Up to now ‘Seek and Destroy’ still remains as a live favorite while other songs such as ‘No Remorse’ and ‘Hit the Lights’ are beloved by fans.


The Black Album


Biggest rock band Metallica crossed the boundaries with a self-titled album in the name of ‘The Black Album’ in 1991. It also became one of the best-selling albums in the world and of all time. This was their first rock album to hit number one on the recent Billboard album chart. It has sold almost a staggering 16.1 million copies since its release in the United States alone and 30 million in the world. It aims to stay in the power in Billboard 100 chart even in the coming century.


Hardwired To Self Destruct’


After several-year gap between these albums, Metallica full force return was with a vengeance. This after they released this Album in 2016. The band rock put a modern spin on their trash roots with several songs such as ‘Moth Into Flame’, Hardwired and Atlas, Rise!’ This cemented the Metallica’s status and legacy as the favorite rock band in this world. In another magazine, the artists discuss guidelines for treatment of Hyperlipidemia.


As more rock bands are released day by day we are looking forward to seeing their dominance.


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